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Our Favorite Books


Encourage students to reflect on their reading with these "favorite books" activities.

Take Time to Vote.
Hold a "Vote for Your Favorite Book" election. Invite students to present campaign speeches and create posters, buttons, and bumper stickers for their favorite book "candidates."

Character for a Day
Invite students to choose their favorite book characters and impersonate those characters for a day. Students should dress and act as they think their favorite character might.

Share Your Favorites

What are your favorite children's books? E-mail a few of your best-loved titles to Linda Starr and we'll include them in our summer reading list.

A Literary Quilt
Ask each student to use crayons, pencils, or magic markers to draw on a square of muslin a scene from his or her favorite book. Encourage them to decorate their squares with scraps of fabric, buttons, lace, and so on. Sew the squares together to form a class "favorite book" quilt.

The Academy of Book Awards
Have students make lists of their favorite books and characters. Create such categories as "Favorite Female Character," "Best Mystery," "Best Book," "Favorite Author," and so on. Make up a ballot and ask students to vote for winners in each category. Hold an awards ceremony and announce the winners.

Look Who's Reading
Take a photograph of each student reading a favorite book and display the photos on a bulletin board under the heading "Look Who's Reading!"