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The Wise Rabbit Vs. The Greedy Lion

Adapted by
Susan LaBella


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You might wish to visit K-5 Standards-Based Learning Tools to view the animated story of Anansi and the Tug of War (scroll down), another tale of brains over brawn."

Grade Level: 3-6

Story Preview: Long ago, a greedy lion in the jungles of India, hunted far more animals for food than he really needed. One day, a wise Old Rabbit encouraged the lions greedy nature and tricked him into a deadly situation. The lesson: Thinking your way out of a problem can be much more effective than using physical strength.

Roles: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Narrator 4, Narrator 5, Old Rabbit, Lion, Fox, Yak, Red Panda, Leopard, Monkey, Wolf

Setting: A jungle in India

Theme: Fable


  • handle this: take care of the problem
  • mighty: having great power
  • peer: to search
  • praised: admired
  • imposter: someone who lies about who he or she is
  • nada: nothing

Props: (optional) cardboard well; paper rabbit ears; lion ears and mane

Follow-Up Questions:

  • What was the main problem in the story?
  • Who said, Youll be a king with no subjects?"
  • What did Lion mean when he said, Ill finish him off .."
  • What made Lion believe Rabbit when he said there was another lion inside the well?

Follow-Up Activity: Encourage students to read other fables or folktales. Then invite them to compare elements of each story -- characters, problem/solution, and moral of the tale. Give each student a chart to help organize the information. Finally, review student findings and prompt discussion with such questions as: Which tale is your favorite? Why? Which character would you most like to be? Explain. Which moral is most important to you? Does it apply to how people behave today?

Click here for a printable script.

Article by Susan LaBella
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