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The Talking Eggs

Adapted by
Susan LaBella


Grade Level: 3-6

Story Preview:

A wise old woman and some talking eggs teach a self-centered girl that a mean disposition and greedy nature can leave one speechless."

Roles: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Narrator 4, Narrator 5, Mean Mother, Blanche, Millison, Old Woman, Plain Eggs, Gold Eggs

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Setting: Anywhere near the woods, long ago

Theme: Folktale


  • bushel: A unit of volume equal to 32 quarts
  • fashionista: a very fashionable person; one who dresses in style
  • loot: riches
  • prickly: covered with sharp points; irritating

Props: None

Follow-Up Questions:

  • Which girl did the mother like best?
  • Why did the mother like her best?
  • Who said, You must not laugh at anything you see."
  • Who said, Dont take me."
  • Name one lesson this story teaches.

Follow-Up Activity:
Read aloud another folktale to students. Simplify the story line and write short sections of it onto index cards. Hide the cards around the classroom. On the board, write a clue about each cards location. Ask students to use the clues, locate all the cards, and arrange them into the correct story sequence. Finally, you might want to have groups read the set of cards (story) aloud to others.

Click here for a printable script.

Article by Susan LaBella
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