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The Red Dragon: Reader Theater's Script


Build literacy skills with this fun role play activity! Students read a play script and answer key questions with followup activities


Grade Level: 3-6

MaterialsPrintable Student Handout Script 


Story Preview: A Red Dragon, believing the world is going to end, tells all the animals he will fly them (on his back) to another world. The trip ends in a disaster that changes the look of animals forever.

Roles: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Narrator 4, Narrator 5, All Animals, Red Dragon, Elephant, Rhinoceros, Hippopotamus, Lion, Tiger, Snake, Giraffe, Crocodile, Mouse

Setting: Australia, long ago

Theme: Legend


  • load: something being carried
  • slithered: slid or slipped
  • trim: in good shape

Props: animal masks; red cape

Follow-Up Questions:

  • Which animal thought he was very good-looking?
  • Where did Red Dragon promise to take the animals?
  • Who told Red Dragon the world was ending?
  • What did Lion mean when he said he was top dog?

Follow-Up Activity:
According to the storys end, Red Dragon went off in search of real friends. Talk with students about where he might have gone, what he might have seen, what he might have learned, and what friends he might have met. Then encourage students to write a final chapter to the legend, which they can later share with the rest of the class.

Additional Resources:
You might wish to share with your students other Aboriginal myths or legends. Supplement your readings by discussing Aboriginal culture and art. Then let students create their own Aboriginal art work. Youll find a brief lesson plan on this topic at Inspired by Aboriginal Art Lesson Plan.

Article by Susan LaBella
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