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Greedy Anansi

Engage creative thinking skills and spark the imagination with this idea for a classroom theater production!


Grade Level: 3-6

MaterialsPrintable Student Handout Script

Grade Level: 3-6

Story Preview: Long ago, in Africa, a sneaky spider named Anansi played tricks on those around him in order to survive. But a spell (cast by an angry woman with magical powers) turns out to be Anansis undoing -- and teaches us all a lesson about greed.

Roles: Narrator 1, Narrator 2, Narrator 3, Narrator 4, Anansi, Brother Dog, Brother Bull, Mrs. Hen, 5, Shopkeeper

Setting: A town in Africa, long ago

Theme: Legend, Myth

More Resources

Visit West African Folk Tales to find out how Anansi and Spider Tales came to be.
Students and teachers will enjoy reading more stories of Anansi including Thunder and Anansi, Anansi and Nothing, and Why the Lizard Moves His Head Up and Down.


  • cast: to cause
  • yam: a type of sweet potato
  • managed: accomplished

Props (optional): Five small piles of dirt

Follow-Up Questions:

  • Who was 5?
  • Which character was described as sneaky?
  • Who knew about Anansis tricks
  • Why did Anansi have to use his brain to get what he needed to live?
  • Which three words in the story name a sound?
  • What words would you use to describe Anansi?

Follow-Up Activity: Encourage students to talk about the story and how it ended. Then ask students to work in small groups to create different endings for the story. Have each group share its creation orally, using drawings or other visuals to enrich its presentation.

Article by Susan LaBella
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