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Lace Up Against Bullying

Build literacy skills with this fun role play activity! Students read a play script and answer key questions with followup activities


Grade Level: 3-6

MaterialsPrintable Student Handout Script 

Story Preview: Cousins Grace Taylor and Mark Brown become upset when they learn that a new classmate was bullied for wearing shoelaces with unusual colors. The pair creates a unique plan that rallies everyone in their school to stand up against bullying.

Roles: Narrators 1 and 2; school bus driver, Grace, Mark; Pete, Petes two friends, Shawn, Maria, Mrs. Whitney; Mr. Brown, new student

Additional Resources

Learn about the people of the polar region, their culture, history, and archaeology in the Smithsonian's Arctic Studies Center.

Settings: present day at a school bus stop, on school bus, in a school, and at a home

Themes: bullying, tolerance for others


  • anxiously: nervously, worriedly
  • approval: permission, support
  • broadcast: announce, make known
  • cafeteria: school lunchroom or dining hall
  • disbelief: amazement
  • incredible: astonishing, remarkable, extraordinary

Props (Optional): Several chairs placed in two rows to represent seats on a school bus, chair for school bus driver, purple and orange shoelaces, toy or student-created microphone

Follow-Up Questions:

  • What happened at the school bus on Monday? What did the new student do when he got on the bus?
  • What was Grace and Marks idea? Who was the first person they talked to about it?
  • Who was Mr. Perez? Under what condition did he agree to help Grace and Mark?
  • What was Mrs. Whitneys reaction to the plan?
  • How did everyone in school learn about the plan? What was the name of the special day? Where did everyone pick up the shoelaces?
  • What was the response from students, teachers, and staff on the special day? How did the bullies react to everyones response?
  • What do you think Mrs. Whitney meant when she said This response shows the strength in numbers"?
  • Why do you think the new student said Thank you" to Grace? How do you think his feelings changed from Monday to Friday?

Follow-Up Activity:
Discuss with students your schools guidelines or policies about bullying. Then have the students create plans for a day against bullying in your school. Ask students to explain their ideas and choose two plans they think will work best.

Additional Notes:
This play was inspired by the true story of David Shepherd and Travis Price, two high school students in Nova Scotia who encouraged their classmates to stand up for a student who had been bullied. Their actions impressed Premier Rodney MacDonald to designate the second Thursday at the beginning of each school year in Nova Scotia as Stand Up Against Bullying Day

Article by Lois Lewis
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