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Victor's Victuals: Lunchtime Bully

Engage creative thinking skills and spark the imagination with this idea for a classroom theater production!


Grade Level: 3-6

MaterialsPrintable Student Handout Script 

Story Preview: An encounter with a lunchtime bully leads one boy to join the crusade against hunger.

Roles: Narrator, Bull, Victor, Mom, Dad, Client, Mr. Aims

Additional Resources

Your students may be inspired to get involved with the community through charity work when they read about recipients of The Gloria Barron Prize for Young Heroes. This award recognizes outstanding young leaders who have made a positive difference for others and our planet.

Setting: present-day in a school and food bank

Theme: coping with bullying; caring and citizenship


  • victuals: food items
  • defeated: conquered; beaten
  • flyer: an advertising circular or brochure
  • dumbfounded: puzzled; confused
  • remark: comment

Props: none required

Follow-Up Questions:

  • How did Victor's parents know something unusual was going on with him?
  • What question does Victor's father have about Bull?
  • Why does Victors father say so many people need help from the food bank?
  • What surprised Victor at the food bank?
  • How did Victor's experience at the food bank change his ideas?
  • What did Victor do when Bull took his lunch on Monday?
  • Why does Mr. Aims think Victor and his father have a good idea?
  • Who is Harold? How do you know?

Follow-Up Activity:
The Giraffe Heroes Project recognizes "giraffes" -- people who "stick out their necks" for others. Visit the Kid's Page of that organization and read about the project and some kid heroes. How is Victor like a Giraffe Hero? Talk about charitable community initiatives that your school or class has joined. What could they do to become Giraffe Heroes? If you have time, make posters that encourage students in your school to help other people. The posters might feature drawings of giraffes and short stories about young heroes who have made a difference.

Article by Cara Bafile
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