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A Mother's Day Surprise

Build literacy skills with this fun role play activity! Students read a play script and answer key questions with followup activities


Grade Level: 3-6

MaterialsPrintable Student Handout Script

Story Preview: A family gives a much-deserved Mother's Day present!

Roles: Narrators 1-2, Jay Thomas, Nadia Thomas, Mr. Thomas, Mrs. Thomas, Earrings, Perfume Bottle, Scarf, Potted Plant, Card, Soft Drink Cup

Setting: Mother's Day this year, at a mall and at home

Theme: Mother's Day


  • appreciate: to express thanks for something
  • expensive: costly
  • fragrance: smell or scent
  • gorgeous: beautiful, striking
  • memorable: remarkable, unforgettable
  • merchandise: items that people buy and sell in stores
  • interior: inside
  • purchase: buy
  • relaxation: time out to rest
  • siblings: brothers and sisters
  • ye: early English form for the word "you"

Props: (Optional) pair of earrings, perfume bottle or perfume set, flowering plant, greeting card, plastic drink cup, red ribbon, sheet of paper (any kind), food tray

Follow-Up Questions:

  • Why did Jay and Nadia go to the mall?
  • How much time did they have to shop?
  • What kind of job do you think Mrs. Thomas has? Why? Give two possibilities and explain your answers.
  • What was unusual about Jay and Nadia's experience at the mall?
  • Why didn't they buy a gift for their mom?
  • What did the Thomas family give Mrs. Thomas? Describe two things they did for her on Mother's Day.
  • How did Mrs. Thomas react to her gift?

Follow-Up Activities:
Ask students if they have any special Mother's Day plans for their mother, grandmother, or another woman who's like a mother to them. Have each student write a paragraph describing a memorable gift they've given someone for Mother's Day. Or, arrange students into small groups and ask each group to list two or three little things they can do for their mothers or female guardians each day. Then have groups use their lists to create posters with the theme "Make Every Day Mother's Day."

Additional Notes:
Education World's Holiday Center provides a Mother's Day page filled with links to activities, lessons and numerous other resources.

Article by Lois Lewis
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