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Teacher Diary:
Reflections on Teaching and Learning


Are you a good teacher? How does your teaching style compare to the styles of your colleagues? Are your classroom management skills as effective as those of other teachers in your school? Do your classes fill your students with enthusiasm -- or imbue them with ennui? Are you confident in your ability to deal with any student problem that arises in the course of the day? Are you aware of the most current teaching strategies and management techniques -- and do you know which ones are most successful?


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One of the most difficult aspects of teaching is the isolation it imposes on its practitioners. Teachers spend most of their days alone in their own classrooms, with their own students. Few opportunities are available to casually observe -- and easily learn from -- other teachers. Little time is available to consult with one's colleagues about a difficult student, a persistent management problem, or a lesson disaster.

To help fill that void, Education World offers this year's teacher diaries, Reflections on Teaching and Learning. In this series, three teachers in three different classroom situations take turns reflecting on their professional experiences, problems, successes, and concerns. We hope their reflections will help you as you face your own classroom experiences.

This year, Education World's teacher diarists are:

  • Gail Beyrer, an AmeriCorps veteran whose husband also is a teacher, teaches fourth grade on Long Island, New York.
  • Stephanie Blackburn, a 2002 Milken Award winner, teaches fourth grade in Westerly, Rhode Island.
  • Monica Breaux, who teaches first grade in an urban Louisiana school, was named her school's Teacher of the Year after her first year teaching!

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