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The Most Amazing Profession
By Nick Landy

What is teaching like today? Who should do it? And who shouldn't? This Education World series features essays on teaching by teachers as they answer the question, "If you had it to do all over again, would you still become a teacher?"

If I had to do it all over again would I still be a teacher? Absolutely!

Teaching is, by far, one of the most amazing professions in the world. Although it has its share of problems -- standardized test scores, school violence, and student apathy -- it also has it share of positives. And the positives definitely outweigh the negatives! Being able to have a positive influence on so many young people makes it all worthwhile. Even when it seems they aren't learning, they surprise you.

I've been a special education resource room teacher for the last seven years, and every day I'm ecstatic to walk into my school. I'm also a coach and advisor for many different clubs, and I've created many lasting friendships -- influencing and being influenced by --so many of my students. There's no better reward than when a former student comes back to visit or reaches out to you in some other way, letting you know how much he or she appreciates what you did. It makes it all worth the price of admission!

Nick Landy teaches at Harrison High School in Harrison, New Jersey.

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