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2004 Interest Fair Photos

Students at St. Joseph Montessori School in Columbus, Ohio, shunned the proverbial "science fair" in favor of a broader alternative -- an "interest fair." The school's fair is a diverse event that gives participants an opportunity to investigate favorite topics and share them with the school community.

The photos below were taken at the 2004 Interest Fair, held in February.

This judge learns about cruise ships, icebergs, and glaciers during the Interest Fair.

The Lord of the Rings
is the focus of this Interest Fair project.

A student explains her presentation and project about women's Olympic gymnastics.

Sometimes a student can be a three-dimensional model, as shown by this girl who dressed the part of the topic "Famous Women of the Civil War."

Here a student uses a map as a visual aid during a presentation about the Roman Army.

This student discusses with a judge her Interest Fair project about South Africa.

All photos courtesy of Erin Farley.

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