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Good News Today!
Keep a stack of Good News Postcards by your desk at all times. When you see a student doing something positive, jot a quick note to the parents on one of the postcards and give it to the student to take home. If you do that just two or three times a day, every parent should hear some good news every couple of weeks.

Aha! Moments

More Tips

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Gather a stack of large index cards, one per student. Write a students name on each card and order the cards alphabetically. Several times each day, students do things worth recording. So you will remember those little anecdotes or aha! moments about your students, write a brief statement on the students card when the incident occurs. Your notes on the cards will come in handy when youre looking for things to talk about or stories to share when parent-teacher conference time rolls around. Parents will be impressed that you remember those little, but important, moments.

Read All About It
Do you send home a weekly or monthly classroom newsletter? Do parents read it? Encourage parents to read the newsletter by including in it a special cut-out coupon they must sign and return. (The coupon also might include an area where parents can write comments or questions to you.) Place the signed coupons in a hat and draw names for special rewards. Attaching rewards to the return of the coupons is an almost sure-fire way to ensure that students will encourage their parents to read the newsletter.

Student-Photo Stationery
Want to make communicating with parents a little special? Take photos of your students and then use the photos to create class stationery with a border of student photos. If your student population is a mobile one, you will want to use a digital camera to take photos since you might have to update the stationery a few times during the year.

Article by Linda Starr
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