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Get Their Attention

All Set? You Bet!
Need to get students attention? Train students from day one to recognize that every time you say All set?, you are looking for their attention. Its their job to respond in unison quickly to your question with the rhyming phrase You bet!
All set?
You bet!

Face the Music

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Introduce students to a music box. Wind it up all the way and listen to the song. How long is the song? Wind up the music box and each time students get too chatty, open it and let the music play. Record the amount of time it takes for students to quiet down. When they are quiet, shut the box so the music stops. At the end of class, students have earned free chat time equivalent to the amount of time left on the music box (which you can figure by subtracting their time wasted from the total length of the music). Instead of awarding daily free time, students might accumulate time for a week and be rewarded with free time equal to the total amount of time accumulated during the week.

Be Quiet and Listen to the Music
Teachers have many different techniques for quieting students or getting their attention. Some clap, others hold up fingers to form a peace sign and wait for the signal to catch on, and others turn off the lights. Another possibility: Bring in a wind chime -- the kind found in gardens or on home porches. When you want students attention, ring the chime. A chime is not as intrusive as turning off the lights, and doesnt take as long to quiet students as waiting for a hand signal to travel. Also, the sound of the chime can have a calming effect.

Article by Linda Starr
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