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Accentuate the Positive

A Climate for Learning
Most teachers understand that positive reinforcement tends to bring about desired behaviors much more effectively than punishment does. So fill the air of your classroom with compliments for students who are doing things right. You might even introduce a classroom thermometer that registers 0 to 100 degrees. Each time you give out a compliment to an individual student who is serving as a model of the behavior you expect, end your compliment to that student by saying, And, Sara, will you color in another degree on our thermometer? When that thermometers 100th degree is colored in -- when you have delivered 100 compliments -- the entire class will earn a reward such as a popcorn party or 30 minutes of free time or something else students will enjoy doing.

Thats the Ticket!

More Tips

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As part of your substitute packet, include a strip of tickets of the type used for raffles. Ask the sub to give one of the tickets to each student who behaved well all day. Plan a special reward the following day for students who turn in tickets.

Stick to Perfect Papers
Do you get address labels with pictures on them in mailings from non-profit organizations? You know students love stickers, and you know you could never use all those address labels in your lifetime, so why not simply cut off your mailing address from the label and use the stickers as rewards on students perfect papers?

Article by Linda Starr
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