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Bulletin Board Bonus

How Big Is Your Bulletin Board?
Measure the bulletin boards in your classroom and write down the measurements on a small slip of paper. Keep those measurements in your wallet. If you happen to be out shopping and see cheap remnant fabric that would make an ideal covering for a bulletin board, you will have the bulletin board dimensions readily available and know for sure whether or not the fabric will fit.

All Present and Accounted For

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Create a class-list bulletin board displaying all your students names. Label columns on the list with such headings as Attendance, Hot Lunch, and Milk. (Column labels will vary according to class and school routines.) As students enter the classroom each morning, have each student place pushpins into the appropriate columns next to his or her name. With a quick glance, you will be able to tell who is absent that day, how many students will be ordering hot lunch, and so on. Assign a Class List Monitor to remove pins at the end of the day, readying the list for use the next morning.

Super Spellers Stand Out
Encourage students to improve spelling. Create a bulletin board with a headline that reads Super Spellers. Each week, reward students who earn a grade of 100 percent (or wherever you set your classroom standard) by posting their papers on this special bulletin board. You might have students create colorful index-card nametags and laminate them; then students can staple their name tags above their papers on the bulletin board. That way, their names and papers will stand out. This bulletin board will change every week of the school year.

Time to Shape Up
Create a monthly Wall of Fame bulletin board inside or outside your classroom. Each month, use a different cut-out paper shape (an apple in September, a pumpkin or leaf in October, a turkey in November) as a Wall of Fame reward. Establish the qualifications for earning one of the shapes. For example, students might earn a shape for getting a quiz grade of 90 percent or higher or for getting no behavior demerits for an entire week. Students write their names on the shapes they earn and hang them on the Wall of Fame. The goal is to fill up the Wall of Fame bulletin board with hundreds of the shapes At the start of each month, give students their cut-out symbols from the month just ended and introduce a new shape for the next month.

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