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Quiet, Please!

Behavior modification strategies improve classroom climate.

Behavior Management

For more behavior management ideas, see the Education World article Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques.

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The Clock Is Ticking
Students earn special minutes.

When students start to get noisy during seatwork, write the time on the chalkboard and announce, "The clock is ticking." When students quiet down, announce, "The clock has stopped," and write that time on the chalkboard. Record the elapsed time. At the end of the week, subtract the total elapsed time from 15 minutes, and allow students to select a special activity for the amount of time that remains.

Can You Hear Me?
Whispers get students' attention.

If students begin to get noisy, whisper an instruction that begins "If you can hear my voice and (give a simple instruction), you can have ten minutes of free time at the end of the day." Give the instruction just once; those who miss what you say because they're talking too loudly also miss the reward.

Do You Hear Yourselves?
Make students aware of unnecessary noise.

If a class is particularly noisy or disruptive, bring in a tape recorder and place it where students can see it. Turn on the recorder and record the noise. You can use the recording in a number of ways: Analyze it to find out who is causing the problem. Let students hear the tape and ask them for suggestions to improve learning. Use the "evidence" to talk to individual students or their parents.

Article by Linda Starr
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