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Projects, Assignments, and Seatwork

A little organization can save a lot of time.

Behavior Management Tips

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They Shall Return
Avoid scrambling for make-up work.

When distributing worksheets, assignments, announcements, newsletters, and so on, set aside an extra for each absent student. At the end of the day, clip the papers into separate sets for each student and place each set in a folder labeled with the student's name.

Same Thing Next Time
Plan ahead to avoid reinventing the wheel

When doing a classroom art project, make -- or ask a speedy student to make -- an extra project that you can save and use as an example next time.

One Thing at a Time
Break work up into doable tasks.

Break long student writing assignments and research projects into several small steps. Grade each step separately and record each student's grade as you check his or her progress.

Article by Linda Starr
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