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Better Behavior Management

Simple techniques to keep your classroom running smoothly.

Behavior Management Tips

For more behavior management ideas, see the Education World article Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques.

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Silence, Please!
Silent transitions save time.

Transitions can be a major time waster for teachers. If you've just taught a lesson with lots of student interaction and participation and are beginning a transition that threatens to be noisy, make it a silent transition. Instead of announcing directions for the next activity, write them on the chalkboard and point to them.

X's and Ohs!
Rewards and penalties modify student behavior.

Provide each student with an index card. Each time a student demonstrates a positive behavior, such as kindness or good work habits, stamp his or her card. Each time a student demonstrates a negative behavior, such as bullying or failure to follow directions, put an X on the card. Three X's result in a penalty; 5 stamps can be traded for a treat. You might also allow students to trade stamps to eliminate X's.

I Spy
Character tickets win "Student of the Month."

Write the words I Spy along with a list of positive character traits, on slips of paper. When you "spy" a student demonstrating one of those traits, circle the trait and write the student's name on the paper. At the end of each month, name the student with the most tickets "Student of the Month," and display his or her picture on a classroom bulletin board. At the end of the year, reward all students of the month with a pizza party.

Article by Linda Starr
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