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Bulletin Board Ideas


Create interactive bulletin boards that decorate and educate.

Behavior Management

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You Must Have Been
A Beautiful Baby

Who are they now?

Collect baby pictures and current photographs from students. Place baby pictures on one side of a bulletin board and current photographs on the other side. Give each baby picture a number and each current photo a letter. Hold a contest to see who can correctly match the pictures. This also can be done on a school bulletin board using photos of faculty and staff.

It's a Puzzle!
Create a class jigsaw puzzle.

Cut large sheets of paper (enough to cover a bulletin board) into interlocking pieces. Provide each student with a piece of the puzzle and ask students to draw pictures of themselves engaged in a favorite activity. Encourage students to include words, phrases, or symbols that relate to the activity shown or to their feelings about it. (Older students might prefer to include a favorite poem or quotation.) When the puzzle pieces are done, have students assemble the puzzle on the bulletin board. (It's a good idea to write identifying numbers on the back of the puzzle pieces as you cut them and to keep a map of the correct arrangement -- just in case.)

Homeworkopoly Help
Decorate a bulletin board and turn homework into a game.

Download Teachnet's free 35" square Homeworkopoly game board and display it on a classroom bulletin board. Homeworkopoly, a game based on Parker Brothers' Monopoly, is a great way to encourage students to do their homework -- every day.

Article by Linda Starr
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