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Keep 'Em Laughing


Light-hearted strategies for dealing with student tardiness, absenteeism, and cheating.

Behavior Management

For more behavior management ideas, see the Education World article Creating a Climate for Learning: Effective Classroom Management Techniques.

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Tardy Party
Will it be a duet, a trio, and even a choir?

Invite students who arrive late to go to the front of the room and sing a song.

No Prize Today!
They have to be present to win.

Each day, randomly place a sticker beneath one student's chair. The student who finds the sticker under his or her seat gets a small prize. If the student is absent, the prize is forfeited.

What Are You Looking At?
They won't cheat if they can't see your eyes.

Prevent cheating by sitting in the back of the room during tests -- or by wearing funny, reflective glasses. Students won't be able to tell who or what you're looking at.

Article by Linda Starr
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