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Saving Space


Increase your livable classroom areas with these simple tips.

Where Can I Put It?

For more classroom storage tips, visit Classroom Storage Tips at The Dollar Stretcher.

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Colorful Clips
Replace paper clips with clothes pins.

Use spring-type clothespins to hold together large numbers of papers. Tape a label to each clothespin to identify what's in the stack. Use different colored clothespins for different classes, subjects, and so on.

Reading for a Rainy Day
Increase student reading with extended book displays.

Cut vinyl rain gutters into 4-foot lengths and attach them -- or ask a custodian to attach them -- to your classroom wall, using brackets sold for that purpose. Use your rain-gutter shelves to hold books facing out so students can see them. (Click here to see an example.)

Makeshift Mailboxes
Create classroom snail mail.

Hang an over-the-door shoe holder (the kind with a pocket for each shoe) on the inside of the classroom door. Attach a student's name or picture to each pocket to create student "mailboxes." Use the mailboxes to deliver student papers, parent communications, and so on. Don't forget to make a mailbox for yourself so students can communicate with you too.

Article by Linda Starr
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