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Meet the Students

Invite students to reveal insights about themselves.

Back-to-School Tips to Share

For more tips on student introductions and self portraits, visit the Education World Back-to-School Theme Page.

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Name Anagram
Students describe themselves.

Encourage students to create anagrams of their names. Explain that the anagram should tell something about who they are. Students can create their own anagrams or use an anagram creator.

Personalized license plates make a statement.

Invite students to describe themselves in letters and numbers. Provide them with a license plate template and have them create a personal plate that describes some aspect of their character. Students then can decorate their license plates and explain their personalized messages.

It's a Draw
Students put themselves in pictures.

Provide each student with a nametag with his or her name printed on it. Have students decorate their nametags with pictures that tell about themselves. Invite students to find students who have the most matching or similar pictures on their nametags.

Article by Linda Starr
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