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Group Rewards

Peer pressure makes group rewards effective.

More Rewards

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Behavior Puzzle
Rewards solve the puzzle of good behavior.

Cut a poster into ten puzzle-type pieces and place the pieces in a large envelope. Attach the envelope to a bulletin board labeled with the caption, "Good behavior puts it all together." Each time students behave well as a group, work well together, receive a compliment from another teacher, or demonstrate some other exceptional class behavior, take a puzzle piece from the envelope and attach it to the bulletin board. When the puzzle is complete, award the class a special treat -- and begin another puzzle!

You'll be surprised at how well they behave.

Pick out a surprise activity, such as an extra recess or a small treat, then write "SURPRISE" on the chalkboard. Throughout the day, if students get noisy or get out of their seats without permission, erase a letter starting at the end of the word. Add back missing letters when everyone is behaving well. If the word is complete at the end of the day, students get the surprise.

A Silent Cheer
Celebrate in silence.

Reward students for good work and good behavior with a silent cheer.

Article by Linda Starr
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