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Parents Have
Homework Too

Getting parents involved encourages students to complete homework assignments.

More Homework Tips

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No Homework Tonight?
Encourage parents to check homework.

Have students record each day's homework in an assignment notebook. Ask parents to check their child's notebook each night, verify that homework is complete, and sign the book. (Parents should sign even if no homework is assigned.) Encourage parents to also use the notebook to record any problems the student might encounter while completing his or her homework.

Homework Pass
Family time is important too.

Provide each parent with a homework pass, allowing them to exempt their child from homework for a special event or family activity.

Homework by Phone
Voice mail keeps families home-working.

Each day, record a voice mail message containing the day's homework assignments. Students and parents can listen to the recording if homework assignments are lost or forgotten.

Article by Linda Starr
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