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Rewards Galore

Small rewards reap big benefits.

Good Behavior Reaps Rewards

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Reward students with extra free time.

Write each letter of the word "BRAVO" on a piece of construction paper and laminate it. When students are working well, put one letter of the word on the chalkboard. When students are not working well or are too noisy, take down one letter. When all the letters are up, allow them a few extra minutes of recess or free time.

A Great Badge
Reward students for a great day.

Glue laminated circles of cardboard that say "GREAT" inside lids from frozen juice containers. Present the badges to students who have "a great day." When students collect 10 badges, exchange them for a small reward.

Caught You!
Teachers make mistakes too.

Whenever students catch you in a mistake, give then a "cut card" -- a one-time pass that allows them to cut in line.

Article by Linda Starr
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