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Bulletin Boards Made Easy

Try these simple tips and tricks for simplifying your bulletin board chores.

Hang It Right!

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Headline Help
Make sure the headline fits.

If you're centering the headline of a bulletin board, mark the center of the board, find the center of the headline, and begin putting up letters from the center, working out toward both ends. You'll avoid spacing the letters too far apart and running out of room. In addition, remember that rounded capital letters like O and C are taller than squared-off letters like A and M. Make sure they extend beyond the imaginary top and bottom lines formed by the other letters.

Bulletin Board Staples
Stop staple tears and ruined pieces.

Staple bulletin board items at an angle so the staple isn't in all the way and can be removed easily without tearing the pieces. To do that, hold the stapler with one edge lifted and one edge touching the board.

Photograph It
One picture is worth 1000 false memories.

Take a photograph of every bulletin board you create and store the photo along with all the necessary components. When you're ready to recreate the bulletin board, everything will be right there, including a picture of exactly what it should look like.

Article by Linda Starr
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