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Getting to Know More About You

Help students learn more about one another.

Instant Icebreakers

For more getting-to-know-you activities, check out the Education World Icebreakers Volume 1-10.

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True or False
Can they find the lie?

Have each student write down three sentences describing himself or herself. For example: "I have 8 sisters," "Science is my favorite subject," and "I learned to read when I was three." Two of the statements must be true and one must be false. Provide time for each student to share his or her statements with the entire class, and then have the class vote on which statements they think are true.

People Bingo
Who could that be?

Create a 5"x5" BINGO grid. In the center space, write "FREE." In each of the other spaces, write a fact that's true of at least one student in the class; for example, "the oldest child in family" or "born outside the United States." Make a copy of the BINGO card for each student. Have each student get the signatures of students who meet the criteria for each block. The first person with a completed card wins.

Fitting In
Complete a puzzle and unite a class.

Combine several large pieces of drawing paper or oak tag and draw on the paper a large jigsaw puzzle with enough pieces for each students in the class (and a few extra for late arrivals). Cut out the pieces and give one to each student. Have students attach a photograph or self-portrait to their puzzle pieces, write their names beneath their pictures, and decorate the pieces to reflect their interests. Invite students to assemble the puzzle on a classroom bulletin board labeled " I Fit Right In."

Article by Linda Starr
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