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Creative Rewards Work Wonders

Creative rewards work wonders when it comes to motivating students.

More Positive Motivators

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A Victory Dance

Help students create a classroom victory dance. When you want to reward them, either individually or as a group, allow them a minute or two to perform the dance.

Catch them in the act of being good.

Each week, try to "catch" students in the act of being good or doing something good. Have students who are "caught in the act" write on slips of paper their names and what they did, and place the papers in a "goody jar." On Friday, draw a few slips from the jar and award small prizes to those students whose names are chosen.

Hello, Mother, Hello, Father.
Reward kids -- and parents too.

Reward students for exceptional achievement or behavior by allowing them to make a "brag phone call" to tell their parents about their accomplishment.

Article by Linda Starr
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