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Parent Partners

Parent-teacher communication is key to student success.

More Parent Involvement Tips

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A Two-Way Street
Create a home-school communication tool.

Have students glue or write -- in a standard 8 1/2 x 11 notebook -- information that needs to go home to parents, such as the week's spelling words and notices of special events. A resealable bag stapled to the inside back cover of the book can be used to hold such items as notes to individual parents, completed tests and quizzes, and field trip permission slips. Parents can use the book to ask questions or voice concerns, and the bag to send in such items as lunch money and completed permission slips.

Home Learning
Make teaching a cooperative venture.

Provide parents with a home activity of the week -- a simple learning activity designed to involve parents in the learning/teaching process. Going Back to School Can Be Expensive! is one example of such an activity.

Community Experts
Encourage parents to share knowledge.

Invite parents to serve as community experts -- to speak to students about their jobs, community issues, community resources, cultural characteristics, and so on.

Article by Linda Starr
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