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Surprise parents with creative new activities at open house night.

Parent Open House

For more parent night ideas, visit the Education World Parent Involvement Center.

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Where Is It?
Conduct a school scavenger hunt.

Send parents on a brief scavenger hunt to help them become better acquainted with your classroom. Some places you might want to draw attention to are students' desks, the reading area, the writing center, the class pet, and so on.

Who Is It?
Silhouettes, not students, fill the desks.

Use an overhead projector to draw a silhouette of each student's profile. Then have students cut out from magazines pictures that represent things about themselves, and paste the pictures inside their silhouettes. Tape a silhouette to each seat. At the open house, challenge parents to find their child's desk.

What Is It?
Create a presentation.

Create -- or help students create -- a PowerPoint presentation showing students participating in a variety of classroom activities. Or videotape students working in the classroom. Or both. Leave the presentation running during open house.

Article by Linda Starr
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