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Easy Seat Assignments

Assigning seating randomly avoids arguments.

Seating Assignments

For more information on seating assignments, see the Education World article Do Seating Arrangements and Assignments = Classroom Management?.

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Deal It Out
Students match pairs to find seats.

Using two decks of cards, create enough pairs for each member of the class. Place one card of the pair at each seat, and keep the other card in a separate pile. As students come in, let each pick a card from the pile and then find their assigned seat.

That's Fair
Assign seats numerically.

Type the numbers from 1 to the number of students in the class. Laminate each number and tape one at each seat. Place in a bag an assortment of math problems with answers corresponding to the laminated numbers (one problem per answer). Have students -- one at a time -- pick a problem out of the bag. When the student solves the problem, he or she will know where to sit.

Know Your CBAs
The alphabet can start anywhere.

Instead of assigning students to seats in alphabetical order front-to-back, try assigning them in back-to-front diagonal row order.

Article by Linda Starr
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