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Volume 27

Make Your Grade

Especially with subjects such as spelling and vocabulary, students become accustomed to performing consistent tasks that promote memorization and understanding. Those tasks can also get a little stale, and throwing student choice into the mix can breathe life into the subject.

Organize a listing or chart of all of the types of homework assignments that you give and will accept from students in the subject area. Group the assignments by point value, and have your students choose a combination to complete each week that will earn them 50 points, or another set amount.

Spelling assignments might include writing a poem or story with spelling words, creating a crossword or wordsearch, completing another student's crossword or wordsearch, reviewing with flashcards, and more. Choose a day on which you will collect this work each week. If students do more assignments, bonus points may be awarded.

Earn Spelling Points
(Education World, October 4, 2002)

Article by Cara Bafile
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