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Help for
Homework Hassles
Volume 24

"Enlist" the Help of Students

Don't take full responsibility for collecting student homework. Have your students do their part! Create a bulletin board that has a cards labeled with your students' names. When a student hands in the day's assignments, she may take down her name. A quick glance at this board will show the teacher who is still working and may be in need of assistance.

Portable Homework Hotspot

Some students don't do their homework consistently and well because they simply haven't set up a "work center" at home. Solve this problem by teaching your students how to choose and organize a perfect place for doing homework, or better yet, one that travels with them!

Kids are active both in and out of the house, so a tote or plastic bin that is stocked with pencils, pens, paper, scissors, glue, and other needed art materials is a perfect solution for on-the-go projects. When children are studying at home, they should find a quiet location with adequate lighting and a desk or table on which to work, away from siblings and the television, and a movable work center allows for a quick getaway from those distractions when necessary.

With the help of their portable "hotspot," students should establish a daily routine of completing homework at an appropriate hour, no matter where they may be.

Article by Cara Bafile
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