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Homework Hassles
Volume 22

Homework Study Hall

In one California high school, students who don't do their assignments have no options but to make up their work before or after school. The school has a "mandatory make-up policy" that requires every student to keep up with homework. When a student doesn't have his homework done, the teacher completes a form that has sections that are given to the student, the teacher, a data processor, and study hall proctors. (Some teachers have students fill out the forms and then check them for accuracy.) The student must complete the work in a study hall immediately after school or before classes begin on the next day. After five missed assignments, parents receive notification by mail. The "Homework Study Hall" has helped raise grades and transform attitudes, the principal says.

Homework Study Hall: Mandatory "Make Up" for Missed Work
(Education World, March 23, 2004)

Article by Cara Bafile
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