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Homework Hassles
Volume 21

Homework Hotline

Every student forgets to write down an assignment now and then, and that is the "emergency" moment for which the homework hotline was made. With a hotline, a teacher records the assignments for each subject, and students or parents may call in to hear the recording. In some settings, a form is passed from teacher to teacher in a single grade level, and each writes down the homework for the day. Then one teacher records the message. The homework hotline is a real lifesaver for the panicked pupil (and parent)!

An alternative to the Homework Hotline is to set up teams of students within a classroom. Every student has the phone numbers of the other students on his or her team. Forget a homework assignment? Or forget if there is homework? Call another student on the team.

The Teacher Is In

Teachers know the importance of being accessible to families, but they also need personal time. If you share your private telephone number or email address with parents, also consider setting up "office hours" when you can typically be reached with important questions about homework and other school issues. This practice provides support for students but sets parameters that respect your own privacy and family time.

Article by Cara Bafile
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