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Help for
Homework Hassles
Volume 19

Homework Packets

When homework papers are not coming in because they are being lost or misplaced, try the homework packet. Put all homework pages for a day, or week, or a specific classroom topic together. Students will be less likely to lose those all-important "packets" than individual sheets and more likely to turn them in on time. The industrious may also work ahead!

Tuesday Sheets

Another easy way to make sure students know their assignments and complete them is to send the message home consistently in a form such as "Tuesday Sheets." One intermediate school in Massachusetts has a policy of handing out one- to two-page information sheets about projects, assignments, and field trips every Tuesday. Students are more faithful about getting their papers home and then completing their work because parents are better informed. Everyone knows that if it is Tuesday, there is an important note in the backpack!

Put an End to Homework Horror
(Education World, December 8, 2000)

Article by Cara Bafile
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