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Help for
Homework Hassles
Volume 5

Excuses, Excuses

Are you tired of endless homework excuses? Demand more of students! When students do not complete their homework assignments, have them submit a written excuse that includes the date, the assignment, the reason it has not been turned in, and their signature. You might have some fun with the form you create; it might be headed My Dog Didn't Eat My Homework, But... The excuses, created by the students themselves are helpful records that, if necessary, can be shared with the students to illustrate a pattern of carelessness and shown to parents during conferences.

No Zeroes

When students do not turn in assignments, rather than awarding a "0," make a note in your gradebook that remains until the work is completed. After three missed assignments, students must stay after school or report early until the missing work is finished and submitted. If you prefer not to give full credit for missed work for late work, consider taking off a percentage of the total points earned.

Article by Cara Bafile
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