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Following Directions
by Jennifer Sinotte

Jennifer Sinotte is working toward National Board Certification as an Exceptional Needs Specialist / Early Childhood Through Young Adulthood.

January 19, 2004

I'm starting to feel the pressure coming to an end. I've finished writing my drafts for all the entries, and I sent my last one -- Entry 3 -- to a colleague who already has achieved national boards to look over and edit. I also sent the video for her to look at, to make sure the entry and video analysis portion made sense together. After she returns the entry to me, I'll make my final changes and begin the process of putting it all together. I've gone through my notebook and written down all the instructions I need to follow. That part is just as important as the writing! If you don't package the materials correctly, or if you forget to include something, they won't score your work at all. I can't even imagine spending close to a year working on this and then not having your work evaluated because you forget one little thing!

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Meet Jennifer Sinotte

Jennifer Sinotte received her bachelor's degree in elementary education from Franklin Pierce College in May 1992, and her master's degree in special education from Providence College in May of 1998. Jennifer has spent her teaching career at Bradford Elementary School in Westerly, Rhode Island. For the first two years of her career, she was a resource teacher for grades four and five. For the past four years, Jennifer taught in a primary self-contained classroom, and recently switched to full-day kindergarten.

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