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A Friend In Deed
by Elizabeth Scheibl

Elizabeth Scheibl is working toward National Board Certification as a Middle Childhood Generalist.

October 20, 2003

Our district provides us with professional days off to work on our certification requirements. That time has proved to be invaluable! I met with my colleague for the first time in September and I really felt good after that day. I left the meeting more organized and with a clearer understanding of where I was heading. Even though my friend is working toward a different certificate than I am, getting her take on what my entry was asking of me was very helpful. I did the same for her. That day, we also began -- or rather added to -- our "To Do List." I anxiously await our next meeting!

My recommendation for others considering this process is that, if possible, they attempt it with a friend or colleague. The support is wonderful -- it far outweighs the possibility that one of us will make it and the other won't. Believe me, I've thought long and hard about that possibility! You're not human if you don't. I'm still not sure if my ego is capable of handling it if I don't succeed, but will it ever be?

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Meet Elizabeth Scheibl

Elizabeth Scheibl received her bachelor's degree in English literature and elementary education from Providence College in May 1990. For five years, she was a resource teacher at Bradford Elementary School in Westerly, Rhode Island. For the past eight years, she has taught fourth grade at the school. Elizabeth enjoys the daily challenges that teaching offers and strives to grow and better herself as an educator.

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