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Eric Baylin's
Songs to Brighten
A Teacher's Day

Theres no denying the benefits of e-mail. Meetings are easily planned, and sometimes rendered unnecessary. Information is relayed in the blink of an eye. Jokes make the rounds in minutes. Should the system crash, however, we are immobilized. Forced to abandon the soft glow of our screens, we roam the halls to deliver messages in real time.... Then theres voice mail. And cell phones. Dont get me started!

The New Communications Song

(Sung to the tune of Daisy Bell (A Bicycle Built for Two)

"Was that someones cell phone I just heard? Where do you think we are? This is a class for heavens sake!" Oh wait, thats mine. Sorry, I just need to take this one call -- while you sing The New Communications Song."

About the Lyricist

Eric Baylin has been a teacher for 39 years, working with a variety of age levels in both public and private schools in New York and North Carolina. He currently works at Packer Collegiate Institute in Brooklyn, New York, a K-12 independent school established in 1854. In addition to teaching art and photography to middle- and high-school students, Eric coordinates a program of collaborative faculty study groups in Packer's professional development program.

E-mail, e-mail, all around the school.
Con-ver-sa-tions, they used to be the rule.
But now, we just sit a-typing,
Our thoughts, our jokes, our griping,
We hit unsend," rewrite, amend,
When we vent inappropriately.

Voice mail, voice mail, every time of day.
Peo-ple ram-ble, they have too much to say.
I just need to know your number.
Dont lull me into slumber.
Just keep it short, a brief report,
And Ill do just the same for you.

Cell phones, cell phones, ringing everywhere.
So con-ven-ient, but I dont really care.
They ring in the worst locations,
And disrupt conversations.
I know theyre cool, but not in school
Turn them off or just leave them home.

Con-ver-sa-tion: an art form nearly lost.
Now we IM;" one wonders at what cost?
Lets plan a lectronic chat freeze.
Well take out all our battries.
Well make the case
For face to face.
Just a sec, I should take this call.

Song lyrics Copyright© 2007 Eric Baylin