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Dino-Mite Work!


Since dinosaurs are so popular with young students, this monster dino that displays their best work is sure to be a big hit.

Capitalize on students' interest in the creatures of eras past with a bulletin board that is sure to make a BIG impression. Display students' best efforts under the headline "DINO-mite Work" A dramatic eye-catcher for any time of year.


First things first. You need to find an outline of a dinosaur that is sure to catch students' attention. You can find one easily by doing an Internet search for "dinosaur coloring pages". Pick out the perfect dinosaur, one that will make a big impression. Print that dinosaur onto an overhead transparency. Cover a bulletin board with white construction or poster paper. Then place the transparency on an overhead projector and position the projector so the dinosaur outline shines on the bulletin board; the image might take up as much as a third of the bulletin board space. Trace the outline of the dinosaur on the bulletin board. Then break out the watercolors and vividly paint your dino-mite dino.

Cut out bold letters that spell out the headline "DINO-mite Work" and post students best efforts under the headline.


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