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Hot Spots in the News


Track important people and events in your town, state, country, or the world with this "Hot Spots in the News" bulletin board.

Decide this year that you are going to expand students' awareness of the world by making current events an important part of your curriculum. Set aside time each day or week to talk about recent events. You might assign 2 or 3 students as "news monitors" for the week; they will bring in news each day from the newspaper or from online news sources. (If they saw the news on TV, chances are the TV station has a Web site where the news story can be found.)

This bulletin board is one that can be kept up all year. It won't be difficult to keep changing the news from week to week.


Whatever your news focus -- be it local, state, regional, national, or worldwide -- a map should be the focal point of this bulletin board. Display news stories around the map. Use yarn to connect each news story to its place on the map.

You might carry the headline's "hot spot" theme into your display by adding to the map small hot-spot symbols (source 1, source 2, source 3) printed or cut from brightly colored paper. You might write on each symbol the name of the news location or the event. Making the connection between the news and the map will help build students' awareness of the geography behind the news.

If you use one of the sample symbols suggested above for marking the location of "hot spots" on the map, that same symbol might be used in place of each of the two Os in the headline HOT SPOTS IN THE NEWS. Or perhaps the first O is the hot-spot symbol and the second O is a world globe image (source 1, source 2).


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