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Best Work in the World!


Use this bulletin board as a place to post your students' best efforts. Students will be exposed to geography and foreign languages as a result.

"Our Best Work" bulletin boards are classroom staples. A bulletin board that serves as a place to post your students' excellent efforts can serve the dual purpose of modeling for others what "best work" looks like.

If you include a "best work" bulletin board in your classroom, you will want to make every effort to ensure that the work is changed as often as possible (at least every couple weeks) and that all students are represented on the board from time to time.


This geography-themed bulletin board can serve as a place to post excellent work across the curriculum. Attach to each student work sample a different foreign-language exclamation of greatness. We have provided expressions of excellence in many different languages for this purpose.

  • Simply cut them out and staple one on or above each student paper.
  • You might want to create additional expressions that reflect the multicultural orientation of your own classroom.
  • In order to add some bright color to the bulletin board and to make the printed expressions stand out, you might mount them onto colored paper cut about inch larger than the dimensions of the cutout expressions.

Cut out the letters for the headline BEST WORK IN THE WORLD. In order to reflect the geography theme of the bulletin board, you might use cut-out globes in place of the two O's in the headline. (See possible globe image source 1, source 2.)

You might include a world outline map on this bulletin board and string yarn from each expression of excellence to the country in which that word might be spoken. (See sample world maps: source 1, source 2.)


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