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Spring Into Reading




Use this fun, colorful bulletin board to track students' reading between the start of spring and Children's Book Week in May.

As students finish reading a book, they'll use a bold marker to write on an uninflated balloon their name and the title and author of a book they've read. Then they'll blow up the balloon and attach it to the center of a large flower on the bulletin board; the balloon becomes the colorful center of the flower's blossom. The bulletin board might have ten large flowers on it; as balloons deflate, students will replace them with freshly blown-up balloons. If students are prolific readers, they can post extra balloons along the borders of the bulletin board. The goal is to keep a fresh bouquet of "flowers" growing on the bulletin board throughout the spring.

Alternatively, each student might have his or her own flower on the bulletin board. (That way, you'll be able to see from the deflated balloons which students are not doing as much reading.) Because students will always want an inflated bloom on their flowers, they'll keep reading!


If you teach young students, you might use some of these flower images as models for the large flowers you'll create for this bulletin board. Older students can create their own flowers with a stem, leaves, petals... Blown-up balloons form the colorful center of the flowers.

If you teach older students, they can design and create the outlines of their own large flowers.

Your bulletin board garden might include ten flowers that are constantly being refreshed with balloons from many students, or it might include a flower for each student, with the balloon-center being refreshed every week or so as the individual students read new books.


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