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Super Bowl


Use this Super Bowl bulletin board to improve student performance in a variety of ways.

The Super Bowl is right around the corner, so why not use the upcoming game to motivate students in a variety of ways? Create a bulletin board with goalposts at either end. Divide the space between the goalposts into "10-yard" lines. Represent each student in the class with a football with his or her name on it. Include at the top of the bulletin board a big scoreboard for keeping track of scores. Arrange students into two teams; the team with the most points by Super Bowl day earns a special reward.

Following are a few ways in which you might use this bulletin board to improve student performance.

  • Classroom behavior. Award each student "10 yards" for each day he or she has no behavior "penalties." Each time a student makes a touchdown (which requires ten days without penalties), he or she earns seven points for the team. Keep track of each team's score.
  • Spelling achievement. Award each student "10 yards" for each word correctly spelled on the weekly spelling test. Students who get all ten words right, earn a touchdown. If you use the bulletin board in this way, you might re-title it "Super Bowl of Spelling" or "Super Spellers!"
  • Homework completion. You also can use this bulletin board to motivate students to complete their homework. Award each student "10 yards" for each assignment completed and handed in on time.


Use green construction paper and white paint or chalk to transform a classroom bulletin board into a football field. (This diagram of a football field might help you see how you could do that.)

Create football-shaped nametags to place on the field -- one football per student. You might differentiate two teams' footballs by writing student names in different colors; for example, one team's names might be written on the footballs in white and the other team's names might be written in black. That way, you won't lose track of which way the footballs on the field are heading. (If you want to be able to rearrange teams easily, write each student's name in black on one side of the football and in white on the other side.)

Students move their footballs along the "yard-lines" as they achieve the goals set for the activity.


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