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Fishin for Addition



This bulletin board offers math practice fun for individuals or small groups of students.

For this interactive bulletin board, create a school of fish with math problems on them. Create the math problems to reflect the kinds of problems your students need to practice.

  • At the primary grades, the fish might have simple math facts on them. For example, 5 + 2, 3 + 6
  • For middle elementary students, the fish might have simple math problems such as 15 + 24 or problems that involve simple carrying such as 25 + 27.
  • For upper grades, the math problems might involve column addition, addition with decimals, or math word problems that involve addition.

    Create a pond scene bulletin board. A wide variety of fish are swimming in the pond. Along the bottom of the bulletin board, hang plastic bags with numbers written on them. For example, there might be six bags with one of the numbers 23, 26, 32, 35, 38, or 41 written on each bag. Create a wide variety of fish with math problems on them. All of the problems will have as their solution one of the six numbers on the plastic bags. For example, for the six numbers listed above, you might create three fish with math problems on them that add up to each number:

    23 + 0
    11 + 12
    7 + 16

    16 + 10
    20 + 6
    13 + 13

    12 + 20
    18 + 14
    16 + 16

    23 + 12
    17 + 18
    29 + 6

    21 + 17
    14 + 24
    29 + 9

    38 + 3
    26 + 15
    12 + 29
    Mix up the fish and use pushpins to scatter them randomly across the surface of the bulletin-board pond. Students will work on their own, in pairs, or in small groups to solve the problems. As they take each fish from the pond, they place that fish in the correct plastic bag.

    You can check student work, or you might provide an answer key so students can check their own work.


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