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How Well Do You Know Our Presidents?



Students research and create flip-up fact cards about the U.S. presidents.

For this bulletin board, assign each student a president to research. Students will use library and/or Internet resources to learn interesting facts about the president. They will create a flip-up fact card on which they write a fact or two about the president on the front. Inside the tent card they will write the information that tells about the president related to the fact(s). For example:

was the only one who never got married?
(Flip-up for answer: James Buchanan, the 15th president, was the only bachelor president.)

Was the only one to become president without being elected to that office?
(Flip-up for answer: Gerald Ford, the 38th president. Ford was vice president to President Richard Nixon. He took over the office of president when Nixon resigned.)

Students might include a portrait of the president on the inside of the flip card along with their answer.

You might create a nice border for this bulletin board by using presidential portraits from the