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Listen to Learn: Using American Music to Teach

Title: Listen to Learn: Using American Music to Teach Language Arts and Social Studies (Grades 5-8) with CD

Author: Teri Tibbett

Publisher: Jossey-Bass (A Wiley Imprint)

Overview: The four units in this book follow a timeline from Native American Music through European-American Music and African American Music to New American Music. Each section includes a unit overview and several lessons. Each lesson consists of a lesson plan, activity suggestions, activity sheets, and directions. Materials provided include student handouts for reading, quizzes and vocabulary sheets. An accompanying CD offers audio samples from most of the genres mentioned; listening cues are included in the student handouts. This resource-rich book, containing more than 400 pages of history, geography, biography, science, poetry, musical notation, lyrics, and much, much more, will make an excellent text for a middle school music class or an invaluable resource for any elementary, middle, or high school teacher.

Link (to book excerpt): Unit Three: Overview (African-American Music)

Article by Linda Starr
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