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Outrageous eBay

Title: Outrageous eBay

Author: "The Smart and Smarter Crew"

Publisher: Smart and Smarter Publishing

Overview: This loose-leaf bound book contains nine activities that utilize the online auction site eBay "to integrate and reinforce reading, descriptive writing, and critical thinking skills." Each activity includes a materials list, activity steps, assessment suggestion, and a scan-able or copy-able worksheet. Intended for use with students in grade 5 and above, the book's activities -- ranging from "Introducing The Students To eBay" to "eBay As A Fund-Raiser" -- focus too much on the popular auction site as a destination, rather than as a tool for technology integration and student engagement, but the suggestions might spur technology integration ideas of your own.

Link (to book excerpt): The Descriptive Auction

Article by Linda Starr
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