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Book Review: Common Core Literacy Lesson Plans - K-5

Title: Common Core Literacy Lesson Plans, Ready-to-Use Resources, K-5, edited by Lauren Davis. Eye on Education, 2013.

Description:  Wondering how your classroom will look different and how your lessons will change once your school adopts the CCSS? This book provides a variety of engaging and easy-to-implement lesson plans based on the standards. Use or adapt the lessons and get ideas for revamping your current lessons and creating new ones.

Thirty-five great lessons cover the areas of Reading, Writing, Speaking and Listening, and Language. For example, one lesson on writing narratives asks students to re-tell a story and put events in logical order, then create their own stories.

Each lesson includes extension activities, differentiation tips and assessment guidelines. In addition, each of the four lesson areas features a handy planning checklist for educators aiming to craft their own lessons. Users can also download a variety of accompanying handouts for free.

Bottom Line:  Elementary language arts instruction gets a big boost from this title. The book's strength is its practicality and ability to demystify the Common Core. Educators will not only find the lessons easy to implement, but will also come away feeling empowered to create their own lessons.

About the Author:  Editor Lauren Davis is an Eye On Education senior editor, blogger and columnist who develops and edits books on literacy and the Common Core State Standards. A former English teacher, she also was an editor of student resources at Weekly Reader and Amsco School Publications.

How to Purchase:  This title is available from Eye on Education in e-book format for $19.95.


Article by Celine Provini, EducationWorld Editor
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